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Low Cholesterol Breakfast Recipe Which Help You Reduce Cholesterol!

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Breakfast And Low Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat-like and a waxy substance found in all cells of the body. Cholesterol is needed to make vitamin D, hormones, and substances that help with digestion. Our body prepares all the cholesterol it needs. If the body has extremely high levels of cholesterol, there is a high chance that it can combine with some substances present in the blood and form plaque. The plaque tends to stick to the arteries and cause chronic heart problems. Cholesterol is also found in food items. Maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels is very important for good health.

The main reasons for increased cholesterol levels are:

  1. Unhealthy eating habits.
  2. Lack of physical activity or a sedentary lifestyle
  3. Substance abuse like smoking cigarettes

Breakfast And Low Cholesterol For A Healthy Body

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of one’s day. Naturally, it is important to have a breakfast low on cholesterol to maintain a healthy body.

Breakfast and low cholesterol

Ingredients to add to your low-fat cholesterol breakfast

  1. Oatmeal: It has dietary fibres that are easily soluble in the body. It also helps in reducing the LDL cholesterol levels. Oatmeal can be easily added to the everyday diet and can be paired with many fruits and other ingredients.
  2. Almond milk: Almonds have healthy fats, magnesium, fibre, and vitamins. These too can help in reducing LDL cholesterol levels.
  3. Orange Juice: Oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C and citric acid.
  4. Beans: These are rich in soluble fibre. There is a wide variety of beans, and each one of them is extremely versatile. Hence, it can easily be added to your breakfast.
  5. Vegetable oils: Replacing lard, fat, and shortening with plant-based oils can prove to be beneficial and can make your breakfast healthier.
  6. Soy: Regular intake of soy can improve your health and cholesterol. It can be beneficial in lowering the levels of LDL in the body.

Low Cholesterol Breakfast Recipe

1.Apple Oatmeal Muffins: Who does not like a good muffin for breakfast? This recipe from Schoolyard Snacks promises to please your tastebuds and your dietician. Made from all pantry friendly ingredients with low sugar and low-fat content, makes this recipe a hit. This recipe is easy to make and is the perfect low cholesterol start to your morning.

Apple Oatmeal Muffins

2.Whey Protein Smoothies: Whey protein is extremely beneficial for your health and is low in cholesterol. The best way to incorporate whey protein into your diet is by adding it to your breakfast smoothie. All you need to do is add a scoop full of whey protein powder to any of your favourite smoothie recipe.

Whey Protein Smoothies

3.Egg White Omelets: Egg yolks have cholesterol in them. Replace your everyday breakfast omelette with an egg white omelette. These are extremely versatile and can be made with a variety of ingredients. You can also increase your fibre intake by adding vegetables like spinach to it. Add olive oil to make your omelettes healthier.

Egg White Omelets

4.Wholesome Flaxseed and Blueberry Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a great low cholesterol breakfast option. Flaxseeds that are high in fibre can be added to oatmeal to reduce overall levels of cholesterol in your body. Blueberry will help in making the recipe more wholesome, tasty, and healthier.

Wholesome Flaxseed and Blueberry Oatmeal

5.Easy Bagels: This easy bagel from School Yard Snacks is easy to make with simple ingredients. It is easy to make and very healthy. You do not have to cut down on bagels to make your breakfast low in cholesterol; you can just use this recipe to make your easy bagels instead. With Geek yoghurt, whole wheat flour, baking soda, salt, and egg whites, this recipe sounds like all you will need to make your everyday breakfast bagels healthier.

Easy Bagels

6.Low Cholesterol Daily Oatmeal by Confidence Kitchen: This recipe is easy to nail with simple pantry ingredients. The recipe is detailed and comes with a long description so that anyone can make it without much effort or expertise. All the ingredients are nutritious, healthy, and low in cholesterol. It is descriptive with all the nutritional values provided. The oatmeal can help in cleaning your system and reducing the unhealthy cholesterol in your body.

Low Cholesterol Daily Oatmeal by Confidence Kitchen

7.Blueberry Muffins For Happy Arteriers by Confidence Kitchen: Everyone likes blueberry muffins. But what is better than blueberry muffins that are healthy and guilt-free? With ingredients that are healthy, fibrous, and nutritive, this delicious recipe is easy to make at home. Made with bananas and dates, with this recipe to satisfy your cravings, you don’t have to worry about your cholesterol anymore!

Blueberry Muffins For Happy Arteriers by Confidence Kitchen

8.Spinach pancakes by Confidence Kitchen: This recipe can be easily made vegan and is packed with nutrition and fibre. This recipe can be made as savoury or as sweet. It is delicious and is suitable for the ones who count calories. With innumerable properties and high iron levels, spinach never tasted better. It is very quick, fast, and can be made in minutes without any hassle. This recipe is a must-try if you need a quick breakfast that is healthy and fulfilling.

Spinach pancakes by Confidence Kitchen


All these recipes can be made easily by anyone. With healthy, nutritious, and easy to find ingredients, these breakfast recipes are sure to help you maintain low cholesterol. Breakfast is the start of one’s day; hence it should be healthy, delicious, and easy to make. A healthy lifestyle is key to maintain low cholesterol. Proper exercise, a good diet, and healthy habits can help you lower your cholesterol levels easily. High cholesterol can cause innumerable problems in one’s body and can even lead to cardiac arrest in some people.

To conclude, one must be vigilant about what they eat, how active they are, and how responsibly they celebrate. Cigarette smoking can also cause high cholesterol. A healthy body will last for a lifetime. It is important to stay healthy to increase our lifespan and to live a pain-free life.

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