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How Insomnia Can Be Treated? Different Home Remedies For Insomnia?

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How Insomnia Can Be Treated?

Sleepless nights occasionally are okay but you should know when it turns to insomnia. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that does not let you sleep and makes you wake up every now and then while you are asleep. As a result, its impact starts to show on your everyday functioning and hampers your mental as well as physical health.

Home Remedies To Beat Insomnia

You might think of getting instant relief through medications for your insomnia. However, you should try home remedies once as they can help you with the problems related to your sleep patterns.

Fortunately, there are treatments available for this disorder. You can either visit a doctor or opt for natural home remedies. If you are struggling with insomnia, keep reading to find out how you can fight off this disorder with simple home remedies.

How Insomnia Can Be Treated? Different Home Remedies For Insomnia?

Natural home treatments do not even have any major side effects and thus should be considered as an option for treatment. Some of such home remedies that can help you with your sleep disorder are given below:

  • Melatonin– Melatonin is a hormone found in your body that promotes sleep. It is recommended for disturbed sleeping patterns. Melatonin can help you by making you sleep easily as well as improving the quality of your sleep. You can take supplements that have melatonin as an ingredient. You can take melatonin as per your doctor’s recommended dosage.
  • Lavender oil therapy– Aromatherapy has been around for a long time. This is considered one of the most soothing essential oils. Lavender oil aromatherapy is associated with the improvement of mood and sleeping patterns. You can take one sachet of lavender essential oil and put it under your pillow or may put one or two drops of the same on a handkerchief and place it beside you. It will calm you down and help you sleep easily.
  • Yoga– Yoga has several benefits. It has a positive impact on your sleeping patterns too. Yoga helps by reducing stress from your life which helps you function properly throughout the day. This leads you to sleep on time. You can try slow and controlled movements such as restorative yoga and yin yoga rather than difficult ones. Try not to force any yoga position on your body and let it flow on its own.
  • Massage– Massage can help your body feel relaxed and at ease. It can also remove body pain and anxiety. All of this can lead you to have an improved sleep cycle. If you cannot afford a professional masseuse, you can also opt for self-massage or massage at home since it’s all about sensations and feelings.
  • Meditation– In the process of meditation, you need to focus on one thing such as breathing or any sound. It helps you increase your level of awareness, calmness, relaxation, etc. Meditation brings your mind as well as your body at peace. This helps you have a better night of sleep. You can try different types of meditation such as visualization, mindfulness, relaxation response, or just simple regular meditation. There is enough scientific evidence that shows meditation can help even in the case of insomnia.

When should you see a doctor?

It is necessary to understand when your condition has become out of control. You might not even know you are suffering from insomnia. This is why you should look out for symptoms and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Insomnia can be caused due to a chronic disease too. Some of the symptoms of insomnia are given below-

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Heartburn
  • Respiratory problems
  • Asthma
  • Kidney disease
  • Thyroid
  • Hormonal changes due to menopause
  • Neurological disorders


Most cases of insomnia can be treated with a few healthy changes in lifestyle. You also need to know if your condition is persistent or not. Sometimes, it lasts only for a few days, whereas persistent insomnia, your condition can last up to three months or longer. Try giving a chance to home remedies first as they can actually help you, but don’t forget to consult your doctor for home remedies too. If you think your condition is taking control over your everyday routine, reach out to your doctor for further assistance as soon as you can.

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