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How To Gain Weight Naturally?

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How To Gain Weight Naturally

Are you underweight and looking for natural methods to gain it the healthy way? Or do you want to gain some more muscle weight? You are at the right place. This article will guide you about how one can gain weight naturally.

Obesity is said to be the world’s biggest problem, but studies reveal something contrary. Research shows that being underweight is associated with a 140% higher risk of early death in men. And a 100% increased risk in women. However, obesity is associated with a 50% higher risk. These stats prove that being underweight can be riskier than being overweight. 

Different Ways To Gain Weight Naturally!

A person is underweight if his body mass index (BMI) is lower than 18.5. A body mass below 18.5 is considered to be less than the BMI needed to maintain optimal health.

Girls and women are more prone to being underweight. Studies reveal that girls and women are at 2 to 3 times higher risk of facing low weight problems. In the United States, only about 1% of men of 20 years or older are underweight whereas, 2.5% of women of the same age group are underweight.it is 

How To Gain Weight Naturally

Being underweight invites several health problems. It includes damage to the immune system, increases the risks of osteoporosis and fractures, and may cause fertility problems.

To prevent yourself from all these health issues, stick to the following suggestions and gain weight naturally.

  • Consume more calories than your body burns

It is quite understandable that if you want to gain weight, your body must have some calories left to build up the mass. It does not mean that you will stop exercising – you should preferably consume food items rich in calories. 

Work towards gaining weight slowly and steadily. In the beginning, each day, aim for 300 to 500 more calories than you burn. But you want to gain weight faster, keep your eyes at 700 to 1,000 extra calories every day.

  • Don’t stop exercising.

It is a misconception that skinny ones should not exercise. Exercising is not only to sweat out the fat. Exercising also keeps your body structure in good posture and improves your core strength.

Keep exercising especially, focus on strengthening your body. Exercising will help you build up muscles and will also restore your appetite.

  • Consume meal high in protein

Protein is the building block of life, and our body essentially requires proteins to make new cells and repair the damaged ones. It is therefore very essential to consume a protein-rich diet. Proteins also have a vital role in converting extra calories into muscles. In the absence of proteins, these extra calories will end up as body fat.

However, keep in mind that proteins are highly filling, and they will significantly reduce your hunger and appetite. It can make it harder for you to consume a sufficient amount of calories. You will at times need to make yourself eat more even after you feel full. You can also go for alternatives like whey protein supplements to ensure the appropriate amount of protein consumption. 

  • Eat energy-dense foods 

It is essential to consume whole and single-ingredient foods. Try to focus on energy-dense food items as much as possible. Energy-dense food items contain more calories per milligram of their weight.

Consume nuts, dried fruits, dairy products high in fat, meat, and whole grains. You can also add sauces, spices, and condiments to your diet. Try to add as many energy-dense food times to your diet as possible. 

An easy way to ensure that you are consuming enough carbs and proteins is to eat more frequently. It is equally essential that you keep an eye on your sugar consumption. You must make sure that you are gaining good fat and not belly fat and fat bad for your health.

Gaining weight is a long process, and one can only achieve the required weight if he is consistent. Your weight gain strategy will be highly effective if you are regular with your calorie intake and strengthening exercise. 

Apart from the above-given basic principles for weight gain, there are also other simple methods that you can follow to give more power to your weight gaining strategy. 

  1. Give a try to weight gainer shakes. 
  2. Quality sleep is equally essential. Sleep empowers muscle growth and therefore is indispensable in weight gain.
  3. Eat protein before you eat your vegetables. 
  4. Avoid drinking water before your meal. 
  5. Avoid smoking. Unhealthy habits can make you lose weight. 

It is a true fact that having excess body weight and underbody weight can lead to various health diseases. We all love to keep our body weight under control and look slim and fine. Gaining weight naturally is not a very tough task but it takes time if you do something organically. Stay focus on your diet and follow an exercise plan to achieve your body weight goals.

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